Kit carter para swap + tacos de motor y caja

 Con 2x tacos de motor y 2x tacos de caja

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Kit carter de aceite para montar V8 S62 M60 M62 en BMW e36 e46 o Z3

con 2x tacos de motor

y 2x tacos de caja


Permite un cambio de motor (swap) para v8 S62 M60 M62 en BMW e36 e46 y Z3.

El cárter sirve también en BMW e30 para mover el motor 20 cm. 


El kit está hecho de acero y cortado en tecnología láserPor eso es apretado, resistente y confiable. Además las soldaduras son realizadas con alta precisión por un técnico autorizado.


El kit permite montar el V8 sin modificar el capó. Desde exterior tu coche mantnendá su aspecto original. Aparte de esto, con nuestro cárter tendrás aún suficiente espacio para montar el compresor. 


El kit inlcuye:

  • Carter para e36 e46 z3
  • Soportes del motor 
  • elementos universales para montar caja de cambios de v8 BMW o r6 m50/ m52/ m54/ m57
  • lementos metálicos para modificar la viga
  • separadores entre viga y chasis 
  • soportes para montar la bomba de aceite
  • elementos para modificar la bomba de aceite


En caso de montar S62 necesitas comprar por separado la bomba de aceite de M60/ M62

Los elementos están pintados en negro con pintura en polvo.


Instrucción de montaje en inglés:



Recommended parts for easier installation engine in body

  •  exhaust manifold from the BMW X5 4.4i before lift a sepcial left from driver side No. 11627500484 does not require any treatment, the original of the M60 / M62 must be cut to make room for the steering column rod
  •  engine propeller fan from TDS is lower and assy without problems fit between the engine and the radiator, you can use also cooling fan radiator from climatization BMW E38 insaled in front
  • motor cushion from E34 M50 engine with acentric best polyurethane, we are have it in offer, height 60mm for engine standard for gearbox
  • front stabilizer from R4 version of engines is simple, turn the drilling of seals stabilizer 180 degrees to the other side and combine with side mount weld in a new place


Some version of front whell need to me modified by removing from back material. 

STEP 1 - we turn to the other side stabilizer, including seals drill mounts to turn back and welded to the stringers in the new position, we recommend stabilizer from R4 engine is a simple


STEP 2 - we recommend that the notch in the chassis to gain additional space for oil hoses. This is nescesarry only for alternator with wather coolling system.


When you have climatization in you car, it will be sescasarry modify body chassis to get free space for clima pump, Also oryginala holder modification is nescasarry.


STEP 3 - After installing the motor feet and a bowl mount the engine to the paw pads and sheets provided we determine its position in the engine compartment and weld to the beam supplied sheet metal between the engine and the chassis beam mount the included sleeves lowering the beam, so that the engine with the cover falls under the hood, we recommend that you give between nuts bolts washers so that the nut will protrude above and will not be a problem with their unassembly in the future.

STEP 4 - Remarks. We also offer oil filter relocator plate with plugs for standard oil hoses to easy fit.


STEP 5  


STEP 6 - Assy oil sump on engine and after that oil pump with T-pipe. Remember use Victor Reinz Seal. All O-rings please brush by engine oil to easy fitting.


STEP 7  - Mount the chain with gears on the axis of the pump, if you can’t set up a rack mounts gently sanded foot pump, please see manual with oil pump modification.




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